Can ABQ/NM become a “job leader?”

The following chart recently ran in the Albuquerque Journal. Click to read the article. The article detailed Albuquerque Economic Development (AED)’s latest plans to improve the local economy. At the Rio Grande Foundation, we have been at it for 15 years and say with experience that New Mexico’s political leadership and that of many in the State (elected and unelected) towards economic growth are going to be serious obstacles.

Here’s our “hot takes.”:

  1. Locally, crime MUST be addressed head-on. This is primarily the job of the Mayor. The current Mayor is failing.
  2. Albuquerque (like the rest of the State) needs a Legislature that is willing to embrace a pro-business, pro-economic freedom mindset. We can’t wait for the next check from Washington. Until change happens in Santa Fe, there is not much the City or AED can do (outside of reducing crime) to change the City’s trajectory.
  3. The group is definitely right to focus on education reform and the Rio Grande Foundation has done this recently. But, more money isn’t the solution.¬†And, again, Santa Fe MUST be part of the solution.