Canada withdrawals from Kyoto: our neighbors to the north continue to improve competitiveness

Canada has abandoned the Kyoto Protocol on global warming. According to the aforementioned report, Canada will save $14 billion in penalties for not achieving its Kyoto targets — targets that other nations in the Kyoto agreement seem unlikely to reach as well.

This decision by our neighbors to the north further begs the question as to why New Mexico would cap its own carbon emissions when the shift seems to be heading in the opposite direction.

Also, it continues the move by Canada towards economic freedom and away from socialism and big-government as illustrated in the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom. Yes, Canada has socialized health care which means that 1) American medicine isn’t that far from socialism already 2) Canada must be pretty damn free market outside of the health care sector.

Of course, Canada very much wants to produce oil from its tar sands. If Obama wanted to create jobs, he could have done so with the stroke of a pen by approving the Keystone XL Pipeline. Oh, and, at 7.4 percent, Canada’s unemployment rate is still significantly lower than the US rate of 8.6 percent in the US.

Seems like one country is moving in the right direction and the other is moving in the wrong direction!

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One Reply to “Canada withdrawals from Kyoto: our neighbors to the north continue to improve competitiveness”

  1. Hee hee…the Kyoto Protocols…birth place of the concept of “Cap and Trade” and the “Redistribution of Another’s Wealth”…It’s not going to work, you bunch of jokers! You go on wich ya bad self, Canada!

    Prediction time: Canada won’t be the last to bail-themselves-out of the Kyoto Protocols. There are many countries within, and among, the western European EU nations that would be more than happy to give themselves a bail-out as well…Switzerland will not be one of them, of course, as they’re on the beneficiary side of this scam, but don’t be shocked if Germany, Italy, Spain, France (yes, even though France uses approx. 80% nuclear—clean power) and/or others begin to have a change of heart, only after holding out for more than long enough awaiting an official commitment to a U.S. Cap and Trade scam.

    Globalists…gotta love their creativity…NOT!

    Keystone Pipeline…hmmm…let’s see, 20,000 direct jobs and another 120,000 indirect jobs, then factor-in for the turnover of all those dollars, from all of those jobs…even more jobs! More jobs, more money turning-over and the beginnings of economic expansion…Why, we can’t have that in the U.S.…can we?

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