Canadian Think Tank: New Mexico at bottom of economic freedom of United States for 2nd year in a row

The Fraser Institute, a free market think tank based in Canada, has released its annual “Economic Freedom of North America” report for 2013.

Unfortunately for New Mexico, the results are not good. Just like the 2012 report, New Mexico’s economic freedom ranking is dead-last.

See the cover of the report in which red states are the least economically-free and blue ones are the most economically-free (unlike American political elections)

According to the authors, “Economic Freedom of North America employs 10 components for the United States and Canada in three areas: 1. Size of Government; 2. Takings and Discriminatory Taxation; and 3. Labor Market Freedom.

Unsurprisingly, states that have little economic freedom also tend to be among the most economically-impoverished.