Can’t Manage Memorials; Can they Handle Health Care?

Irony can be fun. This article (actually a letter to the editor) from the Washington Post caught my eye. The reader discusses the sorry state of the memorial, which is located near the National Mall in Washington.

According to the letter-writer:

Many of the light fixtures that are crucial to enjoying, or even navigating, the memorial are burned out. Others have miscolored bulbs that distort. Many of the water cascades are now black pits, wet or even dry, instead of shimmering fountains.

Roosevelt’s great quotations — “I hate war” and “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” — are hidden in gloom.

This is not new; maintenance has been neglected for years and is getting worse.

First and foremost, I just love the fact that the memorial to one of the biggest proponents of government control of our daily lives is in disrepair. One would think that if anyone took extra special care of FDR’s memorial, it would be Obama. But the other thing about this that speaks to me is that this is a memorial that Obama can practically see from his front porch. Keeping a memorial in good working order is a simple, relatively inexpensive job for government bureaucrats to handle.

If they can’t handle the simple task of keeping a memorial in working order, should we really trust them to determine when women should get mammograms or when each of us should or should not receive surgery or other medical procedures?

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