Celebrating 100 year of oil and gas in New Mexico

You may not hear about it from Gov. or liberal media outlets, but 100 years ago was arguably the most important economic event in modern New Mexico history: discovery of oil. One can argue that the creation of Los Alamos/the Atomic bomb and the military-industrial complex in New Mexico trumps oil and gas, but they are neck and neck.

Anyway, this weekend in Artesia they are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the discovery of oil and gas in Eddy County in the Permian Basin. Energy expert Alex Epstein is speaking and it seems like a fantastic event. Check it out if you are anywhere near Artesia on Saturday.

Oil and gas not only generate much of New Mexico’s budget, but they provide the US energy security and affordability that are simply not available in many areas of the world. If our politicians supported the role of energy in making America a great nation and used the money to improve life for New Mexicans we’d all be better off. Happy 100 oil and gas! We believe the industry has at least another 100 years here in New Mexico.

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