Change is Coming to New Mexico Schools

I met Hanna Skandera recently, the new head of New Mexico’s Public Education Department. She is a real go-getter and a fresh face that brings needed energy and new thinking to the state’s education system. We are especially pleased because Skandera is going to be promoting an education reform model that has actually worked.

Skandera recently had an opinion piece in the Albuquerque Journal which outlined some of her reform ideas and her plans to implement them. Skandera is going to be battling an entrenched, unionized, education establishment and she needs your help. If you support education reform that works, now is the time to communicate your preferences to your elected legislators in Santa Fe.

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5 Replies to “Change is Coming to New Mexico Schools”

  1. Be sure and analyze the Administrative structure of the failing schools very carefully. As a retired teacher I think this is probably the most important factor in getting the school back into compliance with getting the students educated, which is their primary job.

  2. I am very worried that the legislators are not going to stand up to the status quo. Over a long period of time I have noticed that there is a willingness to deliver a larger percentage of the state budget to New Mexico schools with no demands for better performance, results or even transparency into where the money goes. We remain at the bottom of the performance list with no serious effort to fix it. I think that our schools underperformance is successfully being used as an excuse to demand and get more money. It is as though the legislature is somehow held hostage by the education unions and are powerless to effect change to a failing system. I have sent 3 e-mails to my state senator (Sue Beffort) over the past three weeks with nary a response. She seems unwilling to even discuss the issue. Unless the legislature is willing to take a stand and support the governor, real change and reform will go nowhere.

  3. I was employed for 12 or 13 years with the Deming, NM Schools, I was butted out because I so too much and I reported each and everyone. The Deming Schools are runned by person and person only. Too many relatives are working in one school. I was there, I viewed it all. Some teachers could careless, I did. They said I was treating the students bad, now so, I reported teachers with girl friend by friend and others. I walked it over to the superintendent and one of the board members. Too many unsolved incidents and they don’t want it to get out.

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