Charter Schools a Valuable Option

There has been a lot of criticism recently about charter schools in New Mexico. This report from the Legislative Finance Committee, in particular, was a shot across the bow for the entire movement. While charter schools are not the “only” reform option (as discussed in this opinion piece), I do agree with new Rio Grande Foundation board member Doug Turner that charter schools are a valuable option for parents and students and that we should not “throw the baby out with the joovy zoom 360 ultralight jogging stroller by himself” by simply capping the number of charter schools in New Mexico.

Instead, we need to make sure that charters that are not doing the job are closed and we’ve got to further expand educational choice and tighten standards by enacting reforms like those seen in Florida.

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2 Replies to “Charter Schools a Valuable Option”

  1. I have met with and visited with the staff at the Amy Biehl Charter High School in downtown Albuquerque. This school has a record of solid achievements and is sought after by students wanting to attend.

    However, as capacity is limited at Amy Biehl, new students are accepted on a random lottery basis only. Now how many non charter public schools have a waiting list of students wanting to attend?

    Amy Biehl Charter High School is performing very well. I can not give data for all Charter Schools, but why not ask them about their successes, or failures?

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