Check out the new anti-minimum wage hike TV ad

While politicians make promises that may or may not be kept, there are some issues on this fall’s ballot that voters have direct control over. One such issue is whether the City of Albuquerque should meddle further with the wages paid by local businesses. Check out the new advertisement below:

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4 Replies to “Check out the new anti-minimum wage hike TV ad”

  1. It’s a paradox, there would be no need for a minimum wage if people paid fair wages to begin with.

    Greed is not good and dishonesty is not good.

  2. You know its a disingenuous ad when it doesn’t even bother to cites its sources.

    All scare tactics by the big business groups that RGF favors over regular people.

  3. When I was just out of high school many years ago I took a job as a nurses’ aid, hard work for very low pay at the time.

    But I was able to gain experience, see if I liked the field and then go to nursing school.

    That’s what minimum wage jobs are intended for – those like I was with little actual skill, but willing to trade their work for experience and money to help further their goals.

    If we keep raising minimum wages businesses can’t afford to hire new people, and those people are prevented from getting ANY job at ANY wage – and they are stuck in a cycle of poverty and hopelessness.

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