Choice Key to Improving New Mexico Education

I couldn’t have said it better than this myself. By all accounts, it seems that Gov. Martinez has two main priorities: solving the budget deficit and reforming education. As Daniel Ulibarri tells us, a healthy dose of school choice — along with a series of reforms based on the Florida model — is New Mexico’s best chance to improve education outcomes.

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5 Replies to “Choice Key to Improving New Mexico Education”

  1. NM education reform could not be a better choice for one of the top priorities for Gov. Martinez! I will be writing my representatives in both houses to express my strong support for major changes. Things like: getting control of APS by audits, transparency, reducing their “sprawl” of departments i.e. waste disposal, security, maintenance and many other departments that are more properly run by the city or sub’ed out. Adjustments are not what are called for here. It will take major changes that go to the heart of the “monopoly” system we have that has been failing us and the children for years. A TIMID APPROACH WILL NOT DO!

  2. Governor Martinez should make this one of her three big goals for her first term. Maybe people are finally ready for change in the education status quo. There is one way to find out!

  3. It’s encouraging to see Gov. Martinez acknowledge education as a big challenge for the state. My only close experience is with APS, a school system that has been in decline or stasis for as long as I’ve lived in New Mexico (28 years). Kids today are more difficult to teach I think, and the huge variation in education and aptitude that exists among students inside a single APS class room is astonishing.

    Class size and the teachers’ ability to reach kids are both significant factors. I don’t see how APS can improve by continuing to mix kids who have difficulty with the English language and kids with no English language difficulties in the same class rooms.

  4. Mr. Patten, I totally agree with your statement. APS needs a major overhaul. The administration appears to be undisciplined. Oversight is lacking. Our State’s apparent underachievement must be remedied. More dollars spent is NOT the answer. Fewer dollars spent more wisely would be a beginning.

  5. Having lived in Albuquerque for seven years, with grandchildren attending APS schools, I have seen the best and the worst. Having taught heterogeneous and homogeneous classes, now retired, I can tell you that students of different abilities and skills can and do learn from each other. Exchange students from other countries seem to be able to get by the language issues, with some aid. The earlier we start the better. Being bi-lingual is to be commended. Administrations must support teachers in maintaining classroom discipline and setting achievable, appropriate expectations. Charter Schools should be supported; they do good work in motivating students.

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