City asks for volunteers to clean up Albuquerque bus stops

If you drive around Albuquerque for any length of time you’ll notice a lot of trash. Among the places with the largest amount of trash is bus stops. Well, according to Channel 13, the City is asking for volunteers to help clean up the trash¬†around the City’s bus stops this weekend.

The idea is to prepare for ABQ Pride Parade and Route 66 Summerfest. If you are interested in helping out, that is great, we encourage you to do so.

But it also seems that if the City of Albuquerque is serious about boosting ridership on its buses and generally making the City a cleaner, less-polluted (and perhaps an even safer place), perhaps it is time to redirect some of the $3 million in “free” bus money to pay for clean up and enforcement of litter (and other) laws around bus stops.

Having an “official” presence at bus stops might also have a deterrence effect on the rampant shoplifting for which City buses have become a popular “getaway vehicle.”