City of Albuquerque spent $80,231.98 on President Biden’s visit

It took several months for our public records request to be fulfilled (Biden’s  visit was on August 8), but the Rio  Grande  Foundation has learned that the City of Albuquerque Spent $80,231.98 on policing and other security during the President’s visit.

The amount is rather less critical than the approach taken by the Keller Administration which invoiced the Trump campaign for $211,175.94 for an overnight visit in 2021. In the wake of Trump’s visit Mayor Keller told the Daily Show, “I don’t really expect us to get paid,” he said. “But it’s important that we do, and you know, we would do it for anyone else, so he’s no different.”

Wanna bet whether Keller and the City invoiced Biden on this? Within the overall City budget of $1.3 billion both amounts are trivial and we WANT presidential candidates and presidents of BOTH parties to visit our City and State.

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