City/County Government Workers Per Capita

The Rio Grande Foundation has done a great deal of work analyzing the size of New Mexico’s state and local government bureaucracies. As a means of further exploring the situation, I decided to have our summer interns do some research to find out which city and county bureaucracies have the most employees per capita.

Check out the city chart ranked from most employees per capita to least:

The county employment chart can be found below:

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3 Replies to “City/County Government Workers Per Capita”

  1. Do you know (or did you consider finding out) what the per capita income is for each of these cities and counties? Also, what is the ratio of Democratss/Republicans for these same entities. In other words, what role does a “wel;fare/entitlement attitude” play in these numbers, if any?

    1. No, this was just a basic number gathering exercise. There is a lot of potential information that could be gathered and analyzed, but we’ll have to do that at some point in the future. Thanks for the thought.

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