Committees will hear two good ideas and a regressive tax hike tomorrow

Tomorrow the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee will hear HJR 6, which mandates legislative involvement in extending emergency declarations after ninety days, and HJR 7, which would allow state school funding to go to private schools and families that choose to home school. In addition, the Senate Tax, Business, and Transportation Committee will hear SB 168, which would raise the gas excise tax by an additional $0.05 over several years.

Both meetings are scheduled to start at 1:30 P.M. You can watch the hearing webcasts here, or join the House committee Zoom meeting for public comment here. To give public comment on SB 168, please email with your name, the entity you represent, the bill number, whether you support or oppose the bill, and your email address before 10 A.M. Thursday morning.

The Rio Grande Foundation submitted testimony in favor of HJR 6 and HJR 7 and in opposition to SB 168.

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