Congressional Republicans showing courage on FAA issue (updated)

Essential Air Service is one of the most wasteful federal programs that exists. And, while the jury is going to be out for some time as to whether the GOP and taxpayers won or lost on the debt ceiling debate, there can be no doubt that taking a stand to reduce Essential Air Service spending is good policy. Better still, since Republicans come from predominantly rural areas that benefit from the service, this is a sign of real, principled change.

Of course, the debt ceiling and FAA debates represent only the beginning of very tough campaign to make America solvent.

It is painful to have parts of the FAA shut down and some New Mexico communities will miss having the service (four of them currently receive it), but there is no right to air service and we simply can’t afford it. Not surprisingly, our own Sen. Jeff Bingaman not only supports Essential Air Service, he wants to expand it.

UPDATE as of Thursday, August 4: Never mind, we were sold out today, the so-called “Essential Air Service” lives. No program is wasteful enough for Congress to cut, sigh.