Conservative speakers unwelcome on New Mexico (taxpayer-funded) college campuses

Former collegiate swimmer and activist for keeping women’s sports exclusive to women Riley Gaines was in Albuquerque to speak to a group sponsored through University of New Mexico (the talk was actually held at Kiva Auditorium downtown.

Sadly, as the tweet below from Ms.  Gaines notes, the University has asked her to pay $10,000 due to the high level of police presence needed to control the leftist protestors. A follow up conversation with a media outlet that questioned the University on the matter resulted in the claim that the price tag would be less than $10,000.

It doesn’t matter. Conservative speakers cannot be held to a different standard than their leftist counterparts because those same leftists represent. a violent threat to anyone who counters their radical ideology.

Sadly, NMSU was recently pressured by radical left-wing politicians to NOT host conservative speakers.


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One Reply to “Conservative speakers unwelcome on New Mexico (taxpayer-funded) college campuses”

  1. Just sad. I am embarrased for the University. Freedom of speech is fundamental to our country. WTH are they teaching? Plus, the fact that they wanted her to pay for extra police is pathetic.
    Shame on NMU.

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