Cop Out in Santa Fe?

Too bad Governor Martinez can’t run for Mayor of Santa Fe while she performs the duties of Governor in Santa Fe. If she could, taxpayers in the “City Different” might not be in such a bind and someone would be telling City Council to cut spending rather than sticking property owners with an astounding 41 percent property tax increase as early as this Wednesday. (see previous link for full story and interviews)

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, the proposed increase of 1.16 mills would add approximately $116 in additional taxes on $100,000 of taxable property — an increase of 41.4 percent. If the City Council approves the measure, the higher tax would first show up on bills issued in November and add about $4 million to city revenue.

Not surprisingly, the primary beneficiaries of the tax increase….unionized government workers! Again, according to the New Mexican:

Members of the three city-employee unions packed the council chambers at City Hall, mostly to express disdain for wage-cut ideas and kudos for tax proposals.

“I grew up believing the citizens of this country were willing to pay for their government,” said Adrian Dalton, a transit operator who is vice president of the largest city union, a local chapter of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

It is another classic case of concentrated benefits and diffuse costs. The unions want the Mayor and Council to do their dirty work and pass this without a public vote. And, unfortunately, they may do just that this Wednesday.

If you disagree and you live in Santa Fe, you can tell your elected officials what you think:

Mayor David Coss
Ph: 505 955 6590
Fx: 505 955 6695

District 1
Councilor Patti Bushee
Ph: 505 955 2345
Fx: 505 955 6683

Councilor Chris Calvert
Ph: 505 955 6812
Fx: 505 955 6683

District 2
Councilor Rosemary Romero
Ph: 505 955 6818
Ph: 505 690 3016
Fx: 505 955 6683

Councilor Rebecca Wurzburger
Ph: 505 955 6815
Fx: 505 984 9180

District 3
Councilor Miguel Chavez
Ph: 505 955 6816
Fx: 505 955 6683

Councilor Carmichael Dominguez
Ph: 505 955 6814
Fx: 505 955 6683

District 4
Councilor Matthew E. Ortiz
Ph: 505 955 6817
Fx: 505 955 6683

Councilor Ronald S. Trujillo
Ph: 505 955 6811
Fx: 505 955 6683

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