Corporate Welfare New Mexico Style

The issue of “corporate welfare” has taken on greater importance over the years on both the left and right sides of the political spectrum. And, although it is hard to have corporate welfare in the absence of large corporations with giant lobbying budgets, a recent article by Barry Massey of the Associated Press illustrates an example right here in New Mexico.
In fact, an Albuquerque-based company called Blast-N-Clean received $162,500 to demonstrate its cleaning system to nearly a dozen cities and counties. Legislators earmarked money for the work although local governments didn’t ask for the pilot projects in some instances. As I point out in the article, this “Certainly sounds like this is something that should come out of the company’s own marketing budget, not the state budget.” I also argue (as I have done before) that we need to reform the capital outlay process. Better still, this money should be returned to taxpayers.
Nothing against Blast-N-Clean or any other company, but they should live or die based on the quality and innovative nature of their product, not their ability to suck money from taxpayers.