COVID 19 continues unprecedented spread in NM, no presser for Gov. this week

The following are charts directly from New Mexico’s state page on the New York Times COVID 19 tracking page on October 28. The main takeaways are that New Mexico is in the worst position it has been in terms of the spread of the virus, but, at least so far the number of deaths has not spiraled upward (there has been an uptick to be sure). We will see if that continues or if the situation deteriorates even further.

What is plain to see is that the Gov.’s strategy for stopping the spread has either failed to stop the spread of the Virus OR enough people are tired of them to the point that they are disregarding them (and thus spreading the Virus). Perhaps both are true.

Interestingly and somewhat surprisingly given the her recent statement that this is “the most serious emergency that New Mexico has ever faced,” Gov. Lujan Grisham who has had regular updates will apparently NOT do so this week. Instead David Scrase will be joined by a few other medical professionals on Thursday afternoon.