COVID Farce at the Roundhouse

Today is the first FULL day of activity at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe. Having been vaccinated and with evidence to that effect, RGF president Paul Gessing headed to the Capitol for a series of meetings.

Gessing was highly surprised to find out upon attempting to enter the building that his vaccine (Johnson and Johnson administered June 1, 2021) was not acceptable for entry to the “People’s House.” He was told that an ADDITIONAL (booster) shot was required for entry.  Since Gessing had COVID over the holidays despite being vaccinated he has no intention of getting boosted as well.

After some scrambling Gessing managed to gain access to a religious exemption form to enter the building. So, if you plan to come to the Roundhouse this session and are NOT boosted, you should definitely reach out to a conservative member of the Legislature or their office in order to obtain a religious exemption form and gain entry.

Whatever your opinions on the vaccine (or masks which are also required for entry, cloth masks will do) the push for boosters is NOT based on any scientific “consensus.” As was WIDELY reported this fall, no fewer than two top scientists at the Food and Drug Administration QUIT over the Biden Administration’s push for widespread boosters. Those scientists wrote a scathing critique of Biden’s booster policy in The Lancet.  

Coronavirus clash at New Mexico Capitol | Local News |

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2 Replies to “COVID Farce at the Roundhouse”

  1. I have searched for but have been unable to find any scientific evidence that the so called “vaccines” stop or even slow the spread of Covid-19. Transmission was not addressed in the phase 3 studies that were used to justify the emergency use authorizations nor has transmission been investigated in any other studies as far as I have been able to find. The fact that the definition of “vaccination” was changed last September to no longer produce immunity suggests that preventing or slowing the spread of Covid-19 is no longer a reasonable expectation. The new definition of vaccination is now: The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce protection from a specific disease. The massive infection rates currently being seen, especially in states and countries with high vaccination rates, is compelling evidence that the vaccines do not slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

    If the purpose of vaccine mandates is to prevent or slow the spread of Covid-19, then the vaccine mandates are not scientifically justified.

    The case for face masks is similar. But that is another story, which also happens to have the same no scientific justification conclusion.

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