Crazy liberals misunderstand us

Sometimes you just have to scratch your head. Recently, I wrote about the New Mexico Spaceport within the context of America’s ongoing efforts in space. The article received this scatterbrained response from a liberal blogger.

They explain their position, such as it is, best in the following line: The Pink Flamingo does not like libertarians. I think they are lying fools who have no earthly idea about the realities of life. Neither do their dimwitted little tea party supporters.

That is hardly a thorough critique to say the least. Even more humorous is this anti-libertarian’s belief that we at the Rio Grande Foundation support the Spaceport. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m not sure what would happen in terms of space exploration were it not for the US federal government. It is a thought experiment that is truly impossible to fully comprehend. The fact is that — even if Obama or the next president changes directions — given the current budget situation, the private sector can and should play a greater role in space. Sorry Pink Flamingo, but name calling is not an argument.