Cut our bloat and federal bloat at same time

When talk turns to cutting the budget, it is often viewed as a zero-sum game. Supposedly, the poor and less-fortunate always lose while the greedy fat cats always win. Or so the left would have us believe. The reality is usually quite different. Right here in New Mexico, hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on the Rail Runner, film subsidies, a spaceport, and generous government employee pensions, all of which benefit wealthier people at great expense to the rest of us.

Well, when it comes to federal food policy, there is a great opportunity for “win-win” when it comes to the ways in which existing federal programs encourage obesity while devolving those same programs to the states could actually spur innovation and result in better outcomes at dramatically-lower prices to taxpayers. Along with RGF Board Member Dr. Deane Waldman, I write about those here.

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