Cutting red tape to fight the virus

Our friends at Americans for Tax Reform have put together a list (currently at 200) of ways that the Trump Administration and various states are fighting the Coronavirus. You can find the list here.

Our own Gov. Lujan Grisham made the list with her executive order creating a streamlined process for Emergency Expedited Special Permits for relief supplies. The Rio Grande Foundation has published some recommendations here.

The Trump Administration has suspended a number of regulations related to fighting the virus including:

FDA allows state leeway in virus testing

The FDA will allow states to take responsibility for tests developed and used by laboratories within their borders. The labs will not have to pursue Emergency Use Authorization from the agency, an emergency clearance that is normally required.” – STAT News (3/16/20)

FDA loosens regulations on distribution of newly developed tests    

Under certain circumstances, the agency will not object to any manufacturers that distribute newly developed tests before the FDA grants emergency clearance, and a similar stance will be taken toward labs that use these new tests.” – STAT News (3/16/20)

EPA easing enforcement of environmental legal obligations

The EPA will exercise the enforcement discretion specified below for noncompliance covered by this temporary policy and resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic…

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