Data highlights tragedy of MLG’s COVID school shutdowns

A recent report has devastating news for already struggling students in New Mexico schools. Most especially, the new report highlights how badly Gov. Lujan Grisham’s decision to shut down the schools to in-person learning for a year impacted learning.

The writeup comes from The UK Daily Mail and uses data from standardized test provider Renaissance Learning Inc. As seen below, New Mexico students (already behind their peers in other states) saw reading scores decline by 7%, the most among US states.

Sadly, reading is not the only area in which New Mexico students lost ground. According to the report New Mexico students saw declines exceeding those of any other state beside Virginia.

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One Reply to “Data highlights tragedy of MLG’s COVID school shutdowns”

  1. In a state that is at the bottom of education results, MLG made it even worse. These kids will never catch up. But on the other hand, they can go college free now so why worry?

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