Democratic Party Versus Wal-Mart

Our Guv is among the Democratic presidential hopefuls jumping on the bash Wal-Mart strategy. The strategy could backfire. After all, Wal-Mart can be expected to defend itself. Here is Daniel Drezner’s enlightening political and economic commentary on that strategy.
On Wal-Mart defending itself (as quoted from Financial Times): “First, it has attacked its critics – arguing that it is the victim of an unholy alliance between Democrat lawmakers and the unions they rely on to deliver votes and campaign financing. Second, it is seeking to make the argument that the company is good for America.”
On how economists view the matter: “they [the Dems] think Wal-Mart’s greatest impact is as an employer. Most (thought not all) economists, I suspect, see Wal-Mart’s greatest impact as lowering the costs of consumption for Americans who frequent their stores — including the middle class.”
HT: Michael Munger
Update: BTW have you ever noticed that Wal-Mart employees voluntarily work for Wal-Mart rather than someone else? If employment at Wal-Mart is so bad, then why don’t they make different decisions?