4 Replies to “Denver’s Transit Debacle”

  1. “Like many western cities, Denver is in desperate need of more public transport.”

    Indeed, Albuquerque is in desperate need of more public transportation as well.

  2. That’s an other sleezy attack on transit, you’re confusing market for what is really political environment.

    There were many great transit systems in the US till government policy of favoring the automobile destroyed them.

    Streetcar companies had to pay for their own tracks, motorists got in essence free roads from the government.

  3. Public transportation works well only in high population density areas. The Albuquerque metro area is a low population density area. Unless you live and work in the central part of the city public transporation is not an option. I drive to work in 30 minutes. If I attemperd to use the existing public transportation my commute would increase to 90 minutes or more each way.

    It is time to stop the bleeding on the Rail Runner. Shut it down and cut our losses. Also scale back the Rapid Ride busess. The Rapid Ride concept is sound but running double length empty busess does not make sense.

    Place valuable funds into infrastructure, such as the Paseo – I25 re-build. Add a third or fourth lane to Santa Fe in each direction. You could even make the new lane a carpool lane.

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