Department of Education study reinforces need for K-12 reform in New Mexico

Rio Grande Foundation has long been a proponent of a diverse array of education reforms in New Mexico including school choice, charter schools, digital learning, a ban on third grade social promotion, A-F grading, and yes, even vouchers. Why? Well, aside from the viewpoint that parents and students, not bureaucrats, should be empowered to make decisions, we have long believed that New Mexico’s schools are failing.

Now, add the US Department of Education to the long list of entities concerned about New Mexico’s schools. According to a new report with full chart here, New Mexico’s four year cohort graduation rate is better than only one other state’s (Nevada). Where have you heard that before? Perhaps you’ve seen our repeated postings about the “Diplomas Count” report which has shown that New Mexico’s graduation rate is better than only one state (Nevada).

Lest you middle and upper-class white folks get too complacent and think this is just a problem with Hispanic kids, the study breaks out graduation by states AND ethnicity. White students in NM have better graduation rates than only Nevada and Oregon. In fact, all students in school-choice-happy Arizona (and several other states) graduate at higher rates than do white kids in New Mexico.

Santa Fe, we have a problem. Will the Legislature embrace a reform agenda? Gov. Martinez, it is time to put forth a bold, choice-centric agenda on education reform.

HT: Rob Nikolewski

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One Reply to “Department of Education study reinforces need for K-12 reform in New Mexico”

  1. Social promotion is wrong.

    Look at the number of kids entering grade 9 who are not reading or doing math at grade level.

    If high school graduates can not perform at grade 12 levels, then they should NOT be admitted to four year colleges, but must do remedial work at a community or junior college.

    K-12 education must be reformed.

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