Despite MLG claims, New Mexico still lags on job creation

Gov. Lujan Grisham has touted New Mexico’s low unemployment rate and overall job numbers recently, but yet another objective report show that New Mexico job growth continues to lag behind its neighbors’.

If you don’t believe us check out this new report from Pew Center on the States.┬áThe report notes that “prime working-age employment rates lag pre-pandemic levels.” While New Mexico is one of 24 states that still lags, of New Mexico’s neighbors (as seen below), New Mexico had the worst employment level and it still hasn’t recovered. See below:

With a drop of 4.1 percent, New Mexico’s decline is worse than EVERY state in the union with the exception of West Virginia which saw a 5.4 percent drop. Amazingly West Virginia STILL slightly outperforms New Mexico when it comes to prime working-age employment rate.