Diane Denish Wants Poor/Your Kids Trapped in Failing Schools

I happened to be watching the local news last night when a story ran about the ongoing scheduling debacle at Rio Grande High. It has been more than two weeks since the APS school year started and the school doesn’t even have student schedules worked out.

Heading into the first commercial break was this lovely ad from Diane Denish:

Apparently, the fact that hundreds of students have wasted more than two weeks of school due to an entirely avoidable blunder is a clear indicator to Denish that we should make sure that “no resources should be diverted” from these failing government-run schools. Heaven forbid that these kids receive a voucher or “opportunity scholarship” that gets them out of this failing school, but that might involve diverting some resources from the clearly-incompetent folks at Rio Grande High.

If we were talking about her kids, Denish would use her personal wealth to pull her own kids out of a failing school, but not everyone has her resources. So those kids remain trapped, waiting for the bureaucrats to get a schedule together.

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7 Replies to “Diane Denish Wants Poor/Your Kids Trapped in Failing Schools”

  1. The people who object to “taking money from the public schools” appear to forget that the original objective was to EDUCATE. Does it really matter who does the educating if the result is positive.

  2. A very disappointing caption and commentary. A think think should think, not misrepresent or propagandize. I disagree with many of Diane’s ideas for education, but I do not believe and you should not assert that she wants any child in a failing school. Furthermore, the administrative disorder at one school permits no responsible inference to all schools.

    Why not do what a think tank should do: explain the actual mechanics of the voucher system you propose and show its application to schools in large urban areas and in small rural cities; and its effect on private school tuition and on family expenses for higher- and lower-income families.

    1. Michael, either politicians want to change the status quo by empowering parents and teachers to make the choices that are right for them, or they don’t. In order to cater to the teachers’ unions, Denish has made a calculated decision to smear any attempt at REAL school choice. That is more than worthy of criticism in my book. People who actually care about education policy understand what a voucher means. Denish is trying to confuse the public by conflating tax credits and vouchers….they are not the same.

  3. The Denish song: Shades of Obama? We all see how well that’s working. Almost as good as The youth of Germany of the thirties? Or did I miss the point of the song?

  4. It is interesting that Denish in her personal appearances and commericals talks about improving education in New Mexico so every child gets a good education. Are we all so stupid – she also claims to have held an active leadership position in pre-K education in New Mexico during her tenure as Lt Governor. She is part of the problem, not part of the solution. During her tenure, where she takes credit and the NEA liberally drools over her accomplishments, our educational systen has dropped to near last in the nation. We have the resources (revenue generated from the oil and gas industry)in this state to have the best educational system in the nation. The current administration simply doesn’t have the will. They have failed all the children of NM. Why would anyone believe Diane Denish.

  5. As a parent of four who has to deal with these schools on a daily basis, I can say that any politician who continues to support the public schools is either shockingly ignorant or simply a corrupt stooge of the teachers union. Since I don’t believe Denish is dumb, that only leaves one option.

  6. Could not agree more Paul. While there are some bright spots in the state run education system in NM, by in large it is a failing system that needs reform. Denish is only buying votes as a proponent of the public system. Maybe she or governor Richardson should go down to RGHS and help solve the problem.

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