Discussing Global Warming (and what, if anything, to do about it)

Paul Gessing, president of he Rio Grande will appear on Channel 4 in and around Albuquerque (or the local NBC affiliate in your area) at 6:30pm on Saturday October 18. Click here for schedule. He’ll be discussing various issues in climate change and the hysteria in some circles over “global warming” on a half-hour program called “The Climate Case An examination of the state of the environment.” Aside from Mr. Gessing, Weather Channel Founder and global warming skeptic John Coleman will appear. The opposing side will be represented by two UNM professors.
While my role on the show is to talk about the politics of global warming, not the science, there have been some interesting stories recently about climate. First and foremost, there is widespread belief that the coming winter could be extremely cold, in part because the sun has no sunspots (thus signaling a cold winter). Only time will tell, but the idea of a new phase of “global cooling” must make Al Gore very concerned that the global warming gravy train has left the station.
Then there is this interesting story about major climate change taking place on Jupiter. No word on whether humans have caused this to occur, but considering that we’ve never stepped foot on the planet, I doubt even Gore can pin the blame on automobiles. Just goes to show that our solar system is ever-changing and the climate on planets — including ours — is not exempt.