Discussing License Plate Expenses with KRQE Channel 13

New Mexico allows some non-profits to fund raise by creating special license plates. While good in concept, the State has a warehouse full of unused plates sitting around for a number of these organizations. Channel 13 asked me to weigh in:

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2 Replies to “Discussing License Plate Expenses with KRQE Channel 13”

  1. Other states also use “vinyl” plates which are cheaper to produce and with larger characters that are easier to see and don’t fade with the Sun or added chemicals. With the reduced costs NM could afford to have both front & rear plates. Temporary plates are difficult to see and don’t show up on license recognition mechanisms. They (temp plates) need to have characters as large as “regular” plates and be front & rear displayed as well. Law enforcement will tell you “temp plates” are the most often abused, counterfeited & used by criminals to avoid detection. Specialty plates should also pay a fee if they (plate types) deviate from the standard for statistics on moving violations to pay for the extra costs of enforcement. There are a few “types” of specialty plates that are “well known” for being a “sign” of a careless driver. Citizens should be warned of these “types” of high offender category of specialty plates.

  2. real time ordering is one way to go, or just reduce the number of not for profits.

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