Discussing Rail Runner: Bob Clark’s show 9am Friday

I’ll be on Bob Clark’s show on 770 KKOB on Friday morning from 9am to 10am to discuss the Rail Runner and our recent paper which outlines reasons to shut the train down.

There are surely going to be at least a few critics and one of their critiques will likely be the old saw that “no transit system makes money,” so why should we worry that fare box revenues cover only 13% of the system’s costs. Well, I found this interesting data online which shows the various revenue/expense ratios associated with various transit systems nationwide and worldwide. Surprisingly enough, some systems overseas do better than break even and no system is as costly as the Rail Runner.

Call in and share your thoughts about the Richardson Railroad!

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7 Replies to “Discussing Rail Runner: Bob Clark’s show 9am Friday”

  1. Your attack on the Railrunner is unconscionable. Unless you have a better way – you are nothing but a complainer. Anybody can criticize but I have a feeling you wanted it to fail for more clandestine reasons than those you put forth.

    1. Right Robertson! We New Mexicans take great pride in our state’s consistently rating in the top five in the U.S. for a failing educational system, for high crime rates, low conviction rates and short sentences. It would be truly unconscionable if we willingly surrendered the prime position of having the least efficient, highest cost per capita public, benefiting the fewest riders, transit system in America.

  2. Andrew, Andrew at least make sense when you decide to rant! What is your point Andrew?? Roads do make money for the government, or is your liberally retarded mind unable to see the Road Use Tax on every Gallon of gas?? Or does more than one step in a process stall your thinking? If you want to debate a point at least get your facts in order? Of course you like most liberals feel they are intelligent but unfortunately you and they are Mistaken and all they are is Indoctrinated! Use the Facts not your feelings

  3. I live in the southern part of the state and I am tired of subsidizing the Bill Richardson/politically correct railroad. I have urged my representatives on this end of the state to secede from the welfare state of the North.

  4. i certainly think the Railrunner offers many people in Bernalillo the opportunity to get to work and not
    have to drive. I also go to Santa Fe on the train.
    I certainly hope it continues to run and every citizen in New Mexico should hope so. What a waste of money to build something and then let it fail. l

    1. It is a failure. The question is whether we acknowledge this and move on or whether we continue to throw money at a train that benefits a tiny fraction of the work force.

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