Discussing the Railyards Redevelopment

Mayor Berry is a great guy and I love his vision for Albuquerque, but I think the Railyards redevelopment may be an overreach. Unfortunately, Mayor Marty already put us (taxpayers) on the hook for $8.5 million. Mayor Berry is looking for ways to use the property, but problems abound and it would seem that taxpayers might have higher priorities than what could be a costly redevelopment with an unclear vision in mind.

I discussed some of the issues with KRQE Channel 13 on last night’s 10pm newscast.

Mayor wants $800k for Railyards

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One Reply to “Discussing the Railyards Redevelopment”

  1. One approach the city can use for the Railyards redevelopment is to ask for bids from developers for uses such as housing, industrial, offices, retail and so on.

    Goals include: putting city own real estate back on the tax rolls, encouraging economic activity such as jobs and thus income taxes and gross receipts taxes.

    Given that the city is on the hook for the Balloon Park Museum, any not for profit plans for the area deserve great study to assure tax payers that any such not for profits do NOT require subsidies.

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