Dissecting Sam Bregman

I for one am tired of Sam Bregman’s silly columns in the Albuquerque Journal. For starters, partisan hackery on both sides is a bother, but Bregman’s ignorance of basic economics and political reality is what really sends me over the top.

He attacks Gov. Martinez for the silliest reasons.

Taping committee hearings: These should be broadcast on the internet and hosted online, on-demand, by the Legislature. Lack of transparency on the part of OUR public servants is inexcusable;

Jobs: First and foremost, Gov. Martinez took office three months ago. These things don’t happen overnight. More importantly, there are plenty of policies like “right to work,” eliminating renewable energy mandates, reducing regulations, and reducing taxes.

Bregman pushes for the film industry and “jobs programs” that he sees as a panacea, but if the previous Administration’s jobs programs like the costly Rail Runner, the Spaceport, and yes, the film industry, were so great, wouldn’t New Mexico’s economy be generating those jobs already? Sure, Susana could send construction crews out and pay them to dig holes in the ground, but that is an expensive way to “create jobs.” What we need is wealth-generation and that takes time and legislative willingness to cooperate which they have not.

Lastly, Bregman trots out the old canard that the education reforms she’s promoting are somehow flawed because they are from out of state. I don’t get it. People on all sides of the political debate acknowledge that we rank in the bottom 5 in education. Shouldn’t we be looking for good ideas wherever we can find them?

I realize Bregman is a political hack and wants to be Chair of the Democratic Party, but even he should try to come up with some better arguments if he’s going to put them in print.

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6 Replies to “Dissecting Sam Bregman”

  1. ‎70 years of Democrat Rule in New Mexico is what has lead to the education failure, nothing more, nothing less.

    The old adage: “Lead, follow or get out of the way” comes to mind.

    Time for the Dems to accept the reality of their failure, stop casting blame where it doesn’t belong and most importantly get out of the way… and quit whining!

  2. Your article was exactly the response I had to the Bregman letter. He must have had influence like his buddy Lujan to get through high school–never mind law school:-)
    Every complaint the Dumbocrats make about Martinez have a direct corollary to how DC politics have been run under Obomba.

  3. Ol’ Sam’s just in it for himself. He’s a self centered egoist (as most lawyers seem to be). It’s part and parcel of the American psyche I guess. Poor New Mexico, though, suffering through decades of Dem rule that keeps all of its people at the bottom of all of the social-economic-education heap. :~)

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