‘Doctor’ Adkins’s Prescription for New Mexico


The 2016 legislative session is winding down, and we’ll soon know how lawmakers score on the Rio Grande Foundation’s Freedom Index.

For those placing wagers, though, Rep. David Adkins would be a safe pick as a repeat champ. So far, members of his chamber could score as many as +21 points. Adkins is atop the field, with all 21 points earned.

Here’s a sampling of the legislator’s votes:

* For HB 63, which limits worker-compensation benefits for intoxicated employees.

* Against HB 166, a bill to require the licensing of home inspectors.

* For HB 168, a bill to legalize transportation-network companies such as Uber and Lyft.

* For HB 200, which provides some relief from the state’s expensive and unnecessary “prevailing wage” mandate.

* For HB 206, a pro-taxpayer measure to permit the design-and-build method for government projects.

Adkins is a husband, father, small businessman, and pastor. He’s also a consistent vote for limited government and the free market in New Mexico. More like him, please!