Dodd-Frank could kill small business loans

The Rio Grande Foundation focuses primarily on state and local issues with the exception of those big issues at the federal level that could have dramatic, negative impacts on New Mexicans. One under-reported provision of the Dodd-Frank financial services reforms will negatively impact small business loans. It was brought to my attention by a local, independent banker here in Albuquerque.

I wrote a piece that was published today in the Daily Caller. Check it out here.

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2 Replies to “Dodd-Frank could kill small business loans”

  1. Nice piece in the Daily Caller.

    Dodd-Frank is bad for business, both big and small, State-wide and nationally, by design.

    Of the handful of financial brokers and bankers that I’ve talked to about the new rules, each of them told me that there are so many new hoops now being phased in that they’re businesses will have to hire whole new staffers and/or departments just to be able to jump through them all.

    Guess it begs the question…what’s in a name (Dodd-Frank)?

  2. Dodd-Frank is one more corrupt piece of legislation put out by the two thugs who caused the financial meltdown of 2008 by extorting the mortgage loan industry to give money away to people with no jobs, no credit, no collateral and no way to pay the money back so they could buy more corrupt votes for the Democrat party.

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