Does “architect” = “control freak?”

Sometimes, the title of a newspaper article doesn’t convey the content of a particular article. In the case of “House Builders Want Profits, Not Communities” which appeared in the Albuquerque Journal and was written by a local architect (more on that later), it certainly did. The entire article was a rant about Americans being “fat,” “lazy,” “only interested in the short term,” and simply needing to be told what is best for them.

I am no expert on building codes, but I can tell a control freak from their writing and the author of this piece is definitely one. Not surprisingly, the driving force behind the Albuquerque building code is/was Isaac Benton who just so happens to be an architect.

If you don’t like condescending jerks and you do like saving money on new buildings and houses, tell your City Councilor to support repeal of the current building code and replacement of that code with the “International Energy Conservation Code” or show up at the City Council meeting on Monday, January 19.

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