Does Melanie Stansbury want to cut funding for the National Labs?

The following is from political commentator Joe Monahan as pertains to statements that Democrat Melanie Stansbury made in relation to military spending and the potential impact on New Mexico.

The following statements are all true:

  1. Stansbury didn’t actually answer the question;
  2. From an economic perspective the size and spending at New Mexico’s national labs is unnecessary and unsustainable and ultimately sucks necessary resources and talent away from New Mexico’s relatively tiny private sector;
  3. Stating as such is poison for political candidates of both parties who universally agree that already federally-reliant New Mexico should receive even more money from Washington.


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2 Replies to “Does Melanie Stansbury want to cut funding for the National Labs?”

  1. She blames Republicans for doing nothing in NM to help with the pandemic. Ummmmm the Democrats had total control of State Legislation. What could we do except fight against MLG? Now she wants to destroy the military and scientific research community. I thought she mumbled something about standing for science. She is the only candidate who answered the Journal poll that her “job” was in politics. I certainly don’t want another career politician! Get a job, Melly.

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