Does Mimi Stewart Wish to Weaken New Mexico’s Vote?

Despite much criticism (mostly from the left), the Electoral College by which the United States chooses its presidents is one of the greatest innovations of the Founding Fathers. Better still (at least for New Mexicans), the effect of the Electoral College is that it increases the influence of rural and sparsely-populated states (like New Mexico) relative to larger, more densely populated states.
So, why does New Mexico Rep. Mimi Stewart want to abolish the Electoral College? After all, if you paid even the slightest attention to the recent election, you would have seen that both McCain and Obama spent an inordinate amount of time in New Mexico given the fact that the state’s 5 electoral votes (out of a possible 538) account for just less than one percent of the overall vote.
Of course, those 5 votes can make the difference between victory and defeat in a closely-contested presidential race. Does Stewart really believe that candidates would concentrate such attention on NM in order to woo our 2 million residents, accounting for .066 percent of the popular vote?
The fact is that New Mexico receives far more attention from candidates under the current system than it would under a popular vote system under which candidates would campaign only in densely-populated states and “flyover country” would become, well “flyover country” for presidential candidates.
Perhaps Stewart will further advance her “anti-New Mexico” agenda by attempting to return some of our outsized federal largesse to the Treasury?