Does the Constitution Have Meaning?

Over the past several weeks, there has been some back and forth between Las Cruces-based writer Michael Hays and myself on the Constitution. Read my initial column and his response here.

My response in which I responded to his assertion that the Constitution is a “living” document was recently posted on the site. Certainly, with the debt ceiling debate finally behind us (for now), it is time for both parties to re-assess what the US federal government is actually capable of doing effectively. The Constitutional framework would seem to provide the best framework for moving the discussion forward, but it seems to me that neither side is serious about restoring the federal government to solvency.

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  1. Being from Las Cruces, I have read Hays often. He is a rabid progressive. A real socialist nut. He does not believe in Liberty or Freedom. He makes a very good case against ever trusting Liberals.

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