Don’t get TOO excited about those one-time “rebates

New Mexico is awash in revenue from the State’s oil and gas industry and as we reported last week, that flood of revenue shows no signs of stopping. New Mexicans will soon be receiving $500 or $1,000 checks from the State thanks to legislation passed in the recent legislative session and those are welcome relief for families that have seen negative wage growth in the Biden economy.

However, there are two major issues with these rebates:

  1. They do nothing to address New Mexico’s long-term economic struggles because they don’t change the State’s fundamentally anti-business tax and regulatory climates;
  2. They are a pittance compared to what the State is receiving and spending just this year. As a reminder, New Mexico’s budget surplus was $3.6 billion just this year.  The total (one-time) “cost” of these rebates is a estimated to be $667 million. Compare that with the $1.2 billion in new spending and the fact that

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4 Replies to “Don’t get TOO excited about those one-time “rebates”

  1. I just sent it back in the form of an estimated payment the week earlier on 6/15. I agree, nothing to get excited about in this household.

  2. Democrats politically control New Mexico. They love to spend money on socialist issues, free college tuition, child care, free school breakfast and lunch (year round) and even menstrual products for female students! I could go on but you get the point. I am wondering why, if they are so focused on Climate change, solar and wind energy, do they not see the hypocrisy of spending all that money from oil and gas?

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