Don’t Try Drowning Your Sorrows

New Mexico was near the bottom of the recent rankings of states and Canadian provinces:

New Mexico
New Mexico’s climate for economic freedom has worsened steadily over the past
two decades, to the point that, by 2003, its overall all-government ranking was 50th,
while the subnational fell to 47th after five straight years at 44th. Size of government
helped sink the overall ratings, coming in at 56th all-government and 53rd state and
local. Takings and taxation provided no help, coming in at 48th all-government (in
free fall since finishing 13th just three years earlier) and ranked 48th subnational. In
the labor market freedom area, New Mexico was ranked 41st and 40th. At 10.1%, its
state and local tax burden is well above average, unlike the gasoline tax at 17¢, which
is below average. And don’t try drowning your sorrows; all three alcohol-related
taxes are among the highest in the nation.