Economic development: a website?

I read this recent article in the Journal with some amusement. It is a discussion of a new economic development tool — a website — that is supposed to help New Mexico attract new businesses and jobs to the state.

Color me skeptical. I’m not an expert on economic development and the mechanics of attracting companies to a particular plot of ground, but I think it is more complicated than just a website. In fact, the author notes that most companies want to know: “Where can they make the most profit?”

Well, the answer to THAT question has nothing to do with websites (unless you are Google or Amazon). We at the Rio Grande Foundation have some more substantive ideas for economic development that directly involve businesses’ bottom lines and, if adopted, would lead to a significant influx of businesses and jobs.

I appreciate the efforts of those who concern themselves with economic development in New Mexico, but I’d rather see a more thorough economic development plan based on real policy changes.