Economic Freedom Featured in the NY Times!

Good news this morning. Freedom is featured in the NY Times.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Lawrence W. Reed is one of those people with so much passion for an unusual line of work that he invented a new occupation, and it has helped shape the conservative movement from here to the Himalayas.

My only objection to the article is their overuse of the adjective “conservative.” We are not “conservative,” we are market liberals. No nanny-state conservatism for this think tank.
Update: BTW, the NY Times misunderstands the basics of economic freedom, to wit: their deciscion to place article about Milton Friedman’s death in the business section. Friedman specifically, and our think tank movement generally, tries to explain human interaction — how the world works. We are not for or against busness; we assess both sides of a transaction whether it be in a free market or in a “political” market.