Economic Freedom in America Continues to Falter

New Mexico is among the poorest states in the nation depending on your measuring stick. It is also the least economically-free state in the nation according to the Canada-based Fraser Institute. Coincidence? I think not.

The latest international rankings of economic freedom are in from the Heritage Foundation and Fraser Institute recently published their international rankings of economic freedom and the results are not good. Shockingly-enough, the US population has grown increasingly-frustrated with slow economic growth and economic conditions on the whole.

We are down to 17th-most free in the Fraser study and yet the media remain almost completely oblivious to the issue and the potential connections. Neither political party really “gets” it or is willing to talk about it because the decline began during the Administration of George W. Bush when Republicans also controlled Congress. Needless to say, Democrats and their admirers in the media don’t want to focus on the accelerating decline in economic freedom under the Obama Administration either.

Check out the chart below from Heritage Foundation which actually paints a rosier picture of economic freedom in the US than does that Fraser Institute report: