Education poll shows support in New Mexico for school choice, concern for education system

The group EdChoice does polling on various education issues on an ongoing basis. You can find details on their New Mexico and national polling here.

Here are two particularly interesting items. Simply put, anywhere between 2/3rd and 3/4ths of New Mexico adults/parents support money following the children. And, vast majorities of people feel the education system is headed in the wrong direction.

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One Reply to “Education poll shows support in New Mexico for school choice, concern for education system”

  1. If the majority of adults in NM want education dollars to follow the student to public or private school, then why do they always vote for the Dems who have been opposed it for decades (because it is opposed by the teachers’ unions – a core constituency group)? It was abundantly clear during the Wuhan virus lockdown in NM by May of 2020 that the virus posed no more threat to kids than the common cold. Nonetheless, our schools were shut down for the 5th longest time in the country because the teachers’ unions wanted them shut down and the Dem party in NM sided with the unions over the children. If NM were truly a fair and just state, Governor Grisham and the heads of the teachers’ unions would be indicted for child abuse for what they did to the children of NM during the lockdown.

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