Electric buses yet another waste of money

Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-Radical environmental groups) is back at it. His latest “accomplishment” is bringing $6.9 million in federal dollars to purchase 20 new electric school buses for Albuquerque’s Public Schools (see embedded tweet below). Quick math tells us that these buses cost at least $345,000 each while a quick Internet search found that a diesel version of the same bus can be purchased for about $100,000. 

We don’t know what the additional chargers and other potential facilities will be needed for the new EV buses, but we DO know that numerous districts that have received these subsidized buses have had serious problems from manufacturing defects to poor performance in cold weather to “a lot of downtime.”

While Heinrich’s desire to “electrify” everything truly knows no bounds it is amusing that several “studies” purport to show that diesel buses cause issues for children. One would think that with generations of American kids having ridden diesel buses that finding a control group would be rather easy. Also, if there really ARE problems, perhaps something ought to be done to address diesel fumes rather than embarking upon a foolhardy switch to an inferior technology. But, we already know the Biden/Heinrich EV bus craze is about politics, not the environment and certainly not our kids’ health.