Electricity Reliability and New Mexico’s Energy Transition

New Mexico’s Renewable mandate is “only” at 20% currently (thanks to Bill Richardson). We STILL have a fully-functional coal power plant. And, yet PNM can’t handle the electricity demand RIGHT NOW!

Now, thanks to the MLG’s (and the Legislature’s) Energy Transition Act and the PRC’s recent decision (which PNM says will negatively impact reliability) they’re going 100% “renewable.” Good luck with that!  

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3 Replies to “Electricity Reliability and New Mexico’s Energy Transition”

  1. The three things that you can’t fix are crazy, stupid and Ignorance.
    Unfortunately the wind doesn’t always blow .
    And the Sun doesn’t always shine when it is cloudy.
    So I guess we can just Freeze to death in the dark , or melt in the heat .
    Thank you for listening.

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