Electronic candidate nominating petition fail (resolved)

With New Mexico’s legislative candidate filing deadline looming on Tuesday RGF president Paul Gessing on Friday, March 8, attempted to login to the Secretary of State’s Candidate Nominating Petition. Sadly, as the brief video below highlights, Paul was unable to sign. You can see the screenshot below and a brief video of the failed attempt below. Gessing has contacted the SoS office and they achieved the same (failed) result. They have been very helpful and are working on the problem, but this is a serious issue as the electronic petition signing system is implemented.

Update: Gessing received a return call from the SoS office. They indicated that there was a “duplicate record” although it was clearly inactive and they are contacting Bernalillo County today to remove the duplicate record. We will update readers on the situation.

Update 2: The SoS office called back again this afternoon and has resolved the situation. Kudos to them for their quick action. Hopefully similar problems are rare and do not plague too many people or campaigns.