Electronic Records: Friendly Editorial

In case you missed it, the Albuquerque Journal had a friendly editorial in Saturday’s paper in support of Sen. Fischmann’s (D-Mesilla Park) legislation, SB 52, that requires public records that exist in an electronic format be provided that way if the person requesting them agrees. The legislation passed the Senate unanimously and is in the House.

The editorial noted that we at the Rio Grande Foundation traveled to Deming to obtain public records that the district possessed in an electronic format. Rather than simply giving us the information in that format as we requested, we were forced to accept printouts and scan them back in to an electronic format. Fischmann’s legislation would change that and we applaud him for that. Hopefully the House supports the effort.

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One Reply to “Electronic Records: Friendly Editorial”

  1. Hard-copy printouts of an already electronic document eh? Just another way to attempt to deny access by charging outrageous fees for copying onto paper and slowing down public access to the public’s documents. How much are they charging per page? Might be nice info for a lawsuit.

    “These aren’t public documents. These are government dcocuments”. (Sorry for the quote of that state employee who blocked public access to a public building but it is all part of the dictatorial control liberals and their lackeys have held over the people of New Mexico. “Bust it up” I say. “No more”.

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