Eliminating Taxpayer-Financed Tax Grabs

Regardless of how you feel about the results of the recent election, it would seem that taxpayers of all stripes should be concerned that government officials are able to tilt the balance of ballot elections by using tax money to advertise on behalf of those ballot measures. Opponents of higher taxes, like the Rio Grande Foundation, must rely on donated funds and are given no free resources or media platform to argue against these tax hikes and bond measures.
I wrote about this problem in this week’s edition of The Taos News.

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One Reply to “Eliminating Taxpayer-Financed Tax Grabs”

  1. Despite how people might feel about the results of the recent school bond/mil levy election, no one can possibly think it was fair or legal that taxpayer resources and money were used to advertise a yes vote.
    Yes vote signs (which were paid for by private builders who have contracts with APS) were placed all over APS schools and other public places. Many of these public areas were polling places too. APS principals deluged parents with emails, memos, and parent meetings trying to get people to vote yes. The APS website, paid for with taxpayer money, was also used as a propaganda tool.
    The even greater travesty is that the people who will benefit most from the passage of the bond and mil levy are not even the children. Those who will reap the greatest benefit are the big businesses who are building all the grossly inefficient mega schools for APS, which actually do more harm to our children’s educations than good.

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